Over the last year I have learned that we actually know nothing. I used to follow a lot of forecasts in different Fields. From economics, through technology, media and even politics, but over time I realized that over all, these predictions are relevant to the moment they were written (at best…). We got a Significant proof for that in 2020.

And yet, why did I write an article about the marketing trends that await us in the coming months?

Despite everything, there are some phenomena that I think are important to pay attention to — they may be much larger…

Countless articles have been — and will be — written about employees and company’s functioning as the Coronavirus hits the globe. This is no time for summaries, as we’re still in the midst of a rolling event, making adjustments as we move along in accordance with limitations or release directives that shift almost daily.

The new situation — which was almost completely unpredictable — creates business and professional challenges that have caused many companies to instantly shift into survival mode.

Once upon a time — up until about two months ago — employer branding was the hottest trend, a happy…

Here at Natural Intelligence, we never stop at “normal.” A traditional hackathon is a sprint-speed event where programmers, designers, project managers, and other techy experts collaborate together over intense 24–48 hours, building functioning software products. They’ve always been intended to develop new features(duh), but also to find new, innovative and business-savvy ideas.

On November 20, 2019, we did something new. Something conceptual. Something creative. Something innovative. We started by conceptualizing the solution to a problem: we want to come out with as many (or more) great concepts and ideas as our traditional hackathon last year, without closing the whole office…

10 Key Takeaways from the World’s Greatest Innovation Festival

I traveled to SXSW in Austin and saw the future — this is what I learned:

From Sony’s Interactive Wall — Will Technology Enrich Human Creativity

As a company that prides itself on its innovative spirit, Natural Intelligence just had to send me to check out the latest cutting-edge technology at the world’s largest annual innovation festival, SXSW, in Austin, Texas.

Aside from being just plain fun (it really is the Burning Man for geeks), there were some important insights to be gained. …

First step out of 5…

In my last post, I told you about the kick-ass innovation hackathon that our company pulled off. If you missed it, here’s the article about it, in which I break down how you can build your own hackathon by following 6 totally doable steps.

But what happens the day after a Hackathon (beyond cleaning up all the pizza boxes, candy wrappers and wiping whatever that sticky stuff is off your computer)?

You have to follow through on the best ideas from the event, and use the momentum it creates to kick your company’s culture of innovation up another notch.


Here’s How — in 6 Totally Doable Steps:

Last week our company ran a Hackathon — and it was awesome. 95% of our 300 employees from across 17 departments — from developers to sales, finance and legal — came up with 150 new and innovative ideas. After 48 hours of work, 55 Pizzas, 160 Krembos and 439 Cups of Coffee, we chose the top 10 initiatives to be implemented at Natural Intelligence.

Why the top 10? Here at NI, we empower consumer decision making with curated top 10 lists — tailored to the consumer — so each person finds the right product for their needs.

Natural Intelligence Hackathon Award Sticker

As a result…

Yoav Tzuker

Chief Innovation & Ecosystem @Natural Intelligence Innovation, Creative, Inspiration & Discipline — Former founder & CEO of Publicis Media Israel

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